We are a Nonprofit Organization based out of Richmond, Virginia. We believe in the importance of cross-cultural understanding, but recognize that the experiences that lead to this understanding are not always easily accessible. We strive to bring these learning experiences to anyone and everyone.


To promote peace diversity and universal understanding through cultural education and experiential learning.


Through cultural exposure and education, a person’s mind grows and thus becomes more flexible to new ideas, foreign cultures, and accepting personal differences without the stigmatization of “the other”.


To create a community that offers free quality culturally diverse educational opportunities to everyone, especially communities that face financial hardships.


As an organization, we have taken on 5 initiatives, to work to fulfill our vision of creating community engagement in cultural understanding:

  • Arts & Music
  • Health & Wellness
  • Communication & Languages
  • Immersion Travel Experiences
  • Community Outreach

We plan on rolling out these initiatives between 2016 – 2019 by creating partnerships with existing organizations, organizing philanthropic events that benefit the community and hosting free cultural educational opportunities that will be open for everyone to attend.