¡Buen viaje!


In just four short days I will be arriving in the wonderful country of Mexico and will be there for about a week. Having studied abroad there during the summer of 2015, I am so excited to be going back. Studying in Mexico City and Oaxaca was an incredible experience, but I’m really looking forward to being able to enjoy this trip without the stresses of school work!

There are a lot of stereotypes surrounding Mexico and the Mexican culture, as there are with everything, but I hope posting photos can help bring to light the day to day realities of the culture and its people. I’m excited to see some of Mexico during a different time of year and am interested to see what has and hasn’t changed since I was there last.

I hope you’ll join me through pictures throughout the week – I’ll be posting trip updates via Instagram! Follow us at @world_up_ or feel free to follow my personal account at @vicccccck (which will probably have more frequent updates).

I will have a more extensive update about the trip as a whole once I return, but until then…¡hasta pronto!

~Victoria Reichert//Director of Marketing




Published by

World U.P. Foundation

We are a Nonprofit Organization based out of Richmond, Virginia. Our mission is to promote peace, diversity, and universal understanding through cultural education and experiential learning. We believe in the importance of cross-cultural understanding, but recognize that the experiences that lead to this understanding are not always easily accessible. We strive to bring these learning experiences to anyone and everyone.

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